16 september

Sufi Islam is commonly known as Mystical, Spiritual and Esoteric side/aspect of Islam. Sufi Islam is strongly/mainly associated with shrine(s) and visitation of shrines. Sufi shrines can be found all over the world with their peculiar culture. More than just an architectural symbol, these Sufi shrines are places for spirituality, meditation and blessings. Is the Sufi temple at Katwijk similar to other Sufi shrines or different? Why it is called as Sufi temple and what was the idea behind this? Who was Hazrat Inayat Khan?

If you are interested in knowing more about this Sufi temple and to participate in a universal prayer service, join us for a trip on

Sunday 16 September, 2018 from 9:30-14:30

Experience the spirituality of the place.
Be part of a ‘Universal Service’ and ask questions about Sufism.
Join us for a lunch in the dunes at sea.
For information and subscription as a participant: Saad Ali Khan (PhD-ISS, khan [at] iss [dot] nl) or Willem Jansen (Student Chaplain, willem.jansen [at] iofc [dot] nl)

Deadline for subscription: Thursday 13 September.

Attendance is free.


Er kunnen geen reserveringen meer worden geplaatst voor dit evenement.